Lolly Memories

We’re Kiwi lolly legends

It all began ages ago in 1884 when everything was kinda sepia coloured and a Jewish immigrant called Julius Romison started making lollies in Dunedin. Everyone loved what he did so when old Julius died some lolly lovers bought the business and continued making Romison’s Confectionery until 1946 when they renamed it Regina Confections Limited (very regal I’m sure!). Then in 1949 they upped sticks and moved to the current site in Oamaru where they made heaps of the lollies we all grew up with (and swapped for marbles with our mates).

Fast forward through some boring bits … takeovers, 1987 sharemarket crash, sold, closed … until June 2001, when a new company – Rainbow Confectionery – was born. Owned by some good Kiwi fellas with a big sweet tooth, they’re bringing back some old faves as well as creating fun new tastes that are uniquely Kiwi.

So if you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods (Oamaru, that is), call into Regina Lane and say “Gidday”. We’ve got a very cool lolly shop and we’re always looking for tasters! See ya later.

  • Coronation assortment

  • Pineapple Chunks

  • Milk Chocolate

  • Barley Sugars

  • Early Regina chocolate moulds

  • Cough tablets

  • Marshmallow and coconut. Yum

  • Cinnamon bars

  • Woppa bars

  • Garbage gang

  • MJ bubblegum

  • Silver fern

  • Mellow puffs

  • Gold rush

  • Super stars wrestling

  • Teenage mutant turtles

  • Gremlins

  • The original factory signs

  • Birds eggs